Hi there. I’m Michele Hornish. (You can see my LinkedIn profile here.)

I help folks like you really connect with your online or print audience – even if you’re completely new to online engagement, or have a list that’s been dormant for months (or have no list to speak of), or don’t have a marketing or communications staff, or don’t have a communications or marketing plan, or don’t have any experience with any of this stuff and just don’t have the time to learn it all.

In fact, that’s what I’m here to help with.

I’m a recovering attorney, a political analyst, and a darn good storyteller. I love nothing more than helping people that are doing good things connect with more people that can help them do even more good things.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you for a second.

You’re busy. No, scratch that.

You’re really busy.

You juggle multiple hats. You keep all the balls in the air. Your coffee cup is oversized and frequently filled. You’re doing amazing things, and you know it. But you also know that you could do even more amazing things, if only you could get the word out about what you’re doing. And you’d do that… if you had the time.

What if, rather than taking hours out of your week to write good quality content (or feeling guilty that you don’t) you could spend 15 minutes approving an already-written post/e-mail/page that was generated with you, your voice, your business or campaign and your goals in mind? Doesn’t that sound lovely?

That’s exactly what I do for people like you.

Let’s get more specific, shall we?

Here are some types of content I can create for you:

  • E-mail marketing

Your e-mails should resonate with your target audience, whether the purpose of the e-mail is to raise funds or raise awareness of a candidate/issue. If you’re seeing dismal open rates or terrible click-throughs or (worse yet) disappointing donations, we should talk.

Just for an example, in a recent test, the e-mails that I drafted for a political fundraising organization had a 10 point higher open rate and over 5% higher click throughs than the control e-mail. My average open rates for that organization’s e-mail list are five points higher than the industry average; click throughs are an average of 3% higher than industry average.

If you’re not happy with your e-mail marketing, let’s talk about how we can make it better.

  • Website copy

Your website copy should speak to your audience and convey who you are. It’s your organization’s front door. You already know that first impressions matter. Let’s talk about how we can use your website to not just inform – but inspire.

  • Blog posts

You’ll receive a blog post that’s engaging and interesting to your supporters as well as your potential fans. For nonprofits, that means donor-centric content – content that speaks to and engages with your strongest supporters, showing them that not only do you care about what they want, you’re actually going to give it to them. As you know, donor-centric content helps make your non-profit a favorite non-profit.

  • Editorial calendar

To get the greatest benefit from your content, each piece should fit into the bigger story of your organization. Think of it this way: editorial calendars are the novels; blog posts are the chapters. Starting out with an editorial calendar guarantees that each entry feeds into the story arc of your organization from the get-go.

(I’ve taken the liberty of answering questions that I am most often asked on my Frequently Asked Questions page.)

How much is resonating with your audience worth to you?

Oh, wait – I hear that voice in your head speaking up. This has to be super expensive, it says. There’s no way we can afford this, it says.

And to that voice I say, yes you can. In fact, you really can’t afford neglecting your content anymore, can you?

But for that nagging voice in your head, here’s a general idea of pricing:

  • E-mail marketing: $250-500, depending upon the project
  • Website copy: starting at $375/page
  • Blog post: starting at $175/per post
  • Editorial calendar: starting at $400

What’s next? Great question. Here’s how it goes:

  1. You start the ball rolling by e-mailing me at hello@mhornish.com. I’ll get back to you straight away.
  2. We’ll set up a time to talk about what you’re looking for and how I can help. You’re not obligated to do anything during this conversation but tell me what’s on your mind. There’s no charge for this chat – it’s just something I think is really important, so I don’t ever skip this step.
  3. After we talk about what you need, I’ll send you a proposal that sets out details like pricing and schedule. Once you’ve had a chance to review it and send a retainer (typically half of the total) I’ll get to work on your project.
  4. Then I’ll send you a draft to review.
  5. We’ll chat again about the draft over the telephone; if you have any changes, I’ll make those.
  6. And voila! You get the final draft to use however you want to use it.

Maybe you have more questions. I took the liberty of answering some of the ones that I get asked most frequently, which you can read at the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Get the ball rolling by reaching out through my contact page or e-mailing me at hello@mhornish.com.

I’m looking forward to our conversation already.